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Walk Talk Therapy

Have you ever gone for a walk with a friend and realized you are more relaxed and open while moving?  Walking in nature promotes relaxation, peace, and supports brain health. Movement can help those who have trouble opening up feel more comfortable in therapy. More and more studies are showing the connection between mind and body and the benefits of being outdoors. Why not achieve all of this in one session? There are confidentiality considerations that will be discussed in full prior to meeting for a walk and talk session. 

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Walk Talk Therapy

Individual Therapy

Are you constantly on the go and can’t seem to relax and just be?  Are you using social media, TV, food, or alcohol to numb difficult feelings?  When there is an inner struggle we distract, keep busy, avoid, or numb in an attempt to make the discomfort go away.  Individual Therapy provides an opportunity for a deeper understanding of our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. 

Individual Theapy
Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

In our busy lives we have less time and energy to put towards our romantic relationships. Lack of connection may manifest in feelings of loneliness, struggles with trust, and a decrease in intimacy.  Feelings of confusion related to our relationship as a whole may lead partners to disengage, avoid, or lash out. Couples therapy helps to uncover the deeper hurts and provide strategies to help improve communication and general satisfaction within the relationship.  

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EMDR Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) focuses on present concerns which are often connected to past experiences.  Through our planning phase in EMDR we help you to identify your core beliefs and experiences.  EMDR processing helps to break through the emotional blocks and update your memories to a healthy present perspective.

Parenting Coaching

Are you ready to experience deeper peace and live with more joy?


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