Do you want to live without anxiety or overwhelm?

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Pamela Desai, 
LPC Psychotherapist

Hi I am Pamela.  I am a seasoned therapist, I love connecting with others, and I have a true passion for this work. I’ve helped individuals navigate a range of struggles including stress, anxiety, depression, and traumas with deeply rooted peace and presence. In our time together you will gain a deeper understanding of yourself; your wants, needs, and desires and you will learn effective time- tested strategies to improve your well-being.

I can’t wait to know you.

Living and moving through our world today can be overwhelming.  Maybe you are experiencing stress and anxiety.  Perhaps you are struggling with a difficult relationship or a life transition.  Or, maybe you are ready to process past hardships or traumas.  I am here to help!



Learn about the services Pamela Desai, LPC offers via telehealth in Pennsylvania.

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Perfect for anyone feeling stuck or overwhelmed with life, rediscover yourself.

Wonderful for people who do not like the idea of sitting and talking for 50 minutes.  This combines talk therapy with walking for mind and body benefits! 

Great for couples experiencing disconnection, resentment, and loneliness. Learn strategies rooted in the Gottman Method to rebuild your relationship.

Excellent for parents who are struggling with stress, confusion, guilt and frustration triggered by interactions with your kids.  

Are you ready to experience deeper peace and live with more joy?